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There’s an interesting piece of collaborative software available for the Mac called SubEthaEdit. SubEthaetic works together with the Rendezvouz program to (free as part of OS X) to allow real-time collaborative writing by users on a network or the Internet. SubEthaEdit is downloadable for free from the Applie Website.

Here’s a picture of what SubEthaEdit looks like in practice. As you can see, multiple people can all work on editing the same document at the same time, in real time. They can delete each other’s work, add to it, revise it, etc. Their own contribution is highlighted in their own particular color. They can also jot notes for each other at the bottom if they wish (no special area for this, but the bottom of the screen is a good place for that.) Whoever starts the document can then save it at the end.

People are using SubEthaEdit for collaboratively writing software code or for collaboratively taking notes at conferences or meetings. I saw SubEthaEdit used for collaborative writing in a classroom in Maine, with small groups of students working together to compose an alternate ending to a story.

Anybody ever use this?


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Sending blogs to email

A couple of people have asked me if I can have Papyrus News blog forwarded automatically via email–either on the PN email list (for those who prefer that) or by a subscription system.

If anybody knows how to do that, please let me know.

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Welcome to the Papyrus News blog!

I first started the Papyrus News email list on September 6, 1999 and published it regularly for our years. In 2003, I took a break from editing the list, and asked a colleague, Steve McCarty, to take over for a while. Steve has edited the list for more than a year, and I thank him deeply for his valuable contribution.

I am now ready to resume managing Papyrus News, and have decided to convert it into a blog format. I hope that, with the comments section of the blog, this will allow more feedback and interactivity among readers than could occur in the one-way email list that I made use of before.

The content of the blog, as with the original Papyrus News list, will focus on whatever I happen to find of professional or personal interest. Largely that will revolve around the intersection of information and communication technologies with language and literacy development, education and school reform, culture, and diversity and equity. But, as always, I reserve the right to comment on other topics of interest.

Due to my busy schedule, I will probably write for the blog irregularly. So don’t expect constant updates. Also, note that I will no longer publish frequent lists of links. However, I will occasionally invite readers to post their own links in the comments portion of the blog. So if you have an interesting link for Papyrus News readers, don’t email it to me. Just wait until I invite links to be posted, and then add your link under comments (if you put in a URL in the comments, it will automatically be hotlinked once it’s published).

Thanks, and welcome aboard!

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