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And he did it

Obama Gets a Thumbs-Up for his BlackBerry (The NY Times)

President Obama and his Blackberry (LA Times)

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I have heard tell by many friends who play fast paced Real Time Strategy games that one reason the Korean and Chinese players are “so much better” is that their nations have faster broadband lines.  The infrastructure for these countries is made up of better superconducting lines.  So I was excited when Obama again reiterated his promise to update the internet infrastructure.  My excitement was reinforced by my current setting: watching a choppy video stream of the inauguration at my current study location with the entire middle school.  Now I see this article:


On a side note, the students groaned everytime the video would lag.


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A new day, a new website

whitehousegov“At noon on the dot, WhiteHouse.gov cut over from George W. Bush’s legacy site to Barack Obama‘s Change.gov. The first blog post of the Obama Administration promises “communication,” “transparency,” and “participation.” It does not allow comments.” 

Read the article (and humorous Gawker comments) here.

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Current Reading List

What benefits, if any, do people get out of playing video games?  Most of the writing on this is highly speculative.  That being said, I’m going to take another crack at some of the main books on the topic.  Here’s my current reading list:

What video games have to teach us about learning and literacy (2nd edition)

Got game

How computer games help children learn

The gaming life

Don’t bother me Mom–I’m learning

Everything bad for you is good for you

I’ll come back later and let you know what I find.

I have also found a few really interesting papers lately, that are based on empirical research rather than speculation, suggesting some limitations on the claims in the above books.  I’ll be back later with some discussion of these papers as well.

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