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Shift_1"Called SHIFT, it
slowly transforms from a tricycle to bicycle configuration as the rider
pedals faster, then returns to trike formation as the rider slows
down." Developed by Scott Shim at Purdue University.

How cool is that?


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Sloppy blogging

A week or two ago, I started writing something satirical and in the middle of it decided to forget about the whole thing.  Just to keep a record of what I was writing, I saved it as a draft (so I thought!)  Lo and behold when I went back on Papyrus News today, I noticed with horror that it had been accidentally published instead of saved as a draft.  Anyway it’s now removed.  For those who never saw it, sorry to get your curiousity up.  For those who did see it, sorry for my bad and accidentally-published attempt at satire!

Close readers of Papyrus News might have noticed another time a couple of weeks ago that I published a couple of things and then took them down the next day.  Those were published intentionally, though I changed my mind afterward.  Still figuring out what I want to pubish on this blog.  But as for the satire, that was very half-baked and was never intended to be online!

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Proposed doctoral program

The Department of Education at UC Irvine (my main academic department) has proposed a new Ph.D. Program in Education.  It has to go through a number of more hurdles before it’s approved by the University of California, but our hope is that the program will be approved to begin in fall 2006.  The exciting thing about this for me is that one of the three proposed specializations is in Language, Literacy, and Technology.

I will post updates here as things develop, but I wanted to mention this early on so that those of you who are planning Ph.D. study in the future will keep this possibility in mind.

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