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Open Source Web Page Editor

NVU is a free program for editing webpages, with Linux, Mac, and Windows versions.  Read a review.

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English Next

A provocative report by David Graddol for the British Council on the future of English language use and instruction

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Welcome Mika and Noah!!!

Keiko and I are thrilled to announce the birth of Mika Rachel
Warschauer (girl) and Noah Kaisho Warschauer (boy).  Mika (pronounced
Meeka) was born at 2:37 pm on Thursday, February 9, 2006 and Noah was
born 22 minutes later at 2:59 pm on the same day.  The labor was long,
but the delivery was natural and uncomplicated and both children and
their mother are healthy and happy.

Mika and Noah were born at 34 weeks 2 days gestation, which is a bit
earlier than we were expecting, but they are both in perfect health and
breathing natural air fully on their own.  Mika weighed in at 4 pounds
13 ounces (2198 grams) and measured 18" tall (46 cm.)  Noah weighed in
at 4 pounds 15 ounces (2245 grams) and measured 18.5 inches.  Both are
very well-developed for their age and tall and slender.  Both are also
extremely good-looking, which means, very fortunately, they take after
their mother!  Photos will be posted in a day or so at http://oceanandstars.com.

Noah is a biblical name and Kaisho is a Japanese name meaning
"Soaring over the Ocean".  (Our first son, Mikey, may he rest in peace,
had the Japanese name of Kai, or "Ocean", and our second son, Danny,
has the Japanese name of Kaito, or "Ocean and Stars.")  Mika is a
Japanese/Hebrew name meaning "(s)he who is with God" in Hebrew.  Rachel
is a biblical name.

Keiko is still in the hospital (UCI Medical Center, Orange) and will
be there for a couple of days.  I am traveling back and forth between
the hospital and home.  Mika and Noah will probably be in the hospital
a couple of weeks to fatten up a bit.  Updates will be posted on http://oceanandstars.com.

Welcome, Mika and Noah!

Mark, Keiko, and Danny Warschauer


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