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Looks interesting.  Here’s the announcement:

Call for papers

Learning Inquiry

A new journal from Springer

Editors: Jason Nolan and Jeremy Hunsinger

email: editors@learning-inquiry.info

Learning Inquiry is a refereed scholarly journal, devoted to establishing the area of "learning" as a focus for transdisciplinary study. The journal is a forum centered on learning that remains open to varied objects of inquiry, including machine, human, plant and animal learning as well as the processes of learning in business, government, and the professions, both in formal and informal environments. This journal is of importance to those interested in learning, understanding its contexts, and anticipating its future. The journal will also present special issues that identify the central areas of learning inquiry to provide focus for future research. Learning Inquiry strikes a balance between presenting innovative research and documenting current knowledge to foster a scholarly dialogue on learning that is independent of domain and methodological restrictions.

Visit http://springer.com/journal/11519 for further information and to sign up for information alerts about upcoming issues of Learning Inquiry.


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