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Before the “Dean Scream” of 2004, political analysts were enthralled with democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean and the innovative way that he used the Internet to line his campaign coffers. Sadly for Dean, the “YeE-AAAah!” overshadowed his message and his campaign stalled.

It’s now 2008 and America has a new democratic presidential nominee who has also used the Internet and new media to get his message across—with sleek political savvy, no less. No gaffes, no apologies—just a message of hope and change that has resonated with the American people. A message pumped out through glossy 30-minute infomercials, TV ads, text messages, Internet pop-ups, banner ads, websites, Youtube videos, Obama girl(s)—it’s everywhere! Barack and his team have found every media outlet possible and spent a pretty penny (pennies that add up to a little over $150,000—btw, how much do Greek columns cost?) to saturate the market. This advertising has even spilled over into videogames. There is no doubt that the Obama campaign is innovative and ahead of its time. Videogames?! While McCain is carving “Country First” onto spinning tops, Barack Obama and his team have posted ads in popular online videogames in key battleground states. The McCain campaign has been outmatched throughout the election, with videogame advertising as the icing on the Obama presidential campaign cake.



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